Bobbi Lee watches Niall care for Liam Óg. Her heart pangs for the child she gave up. Bobbi Lee reveals her secret heartache.

Pádraig, encouraged by Dee, visit's Katy in hospital, to discuss his plans for Gaudi's. Katy seems very open to his ideas until he mentions Dee and Schizophrenia.

John Joe, Dee and Mack believe someone has broken into Katy's house. But will John Joe be shocked to discover who is in there?

Katy, on a day release from Hospital, returns to Ros na Rún. Katy wanting to spend as much time as possible with Jay, is disappointed at how uninterested he seems in her. An upset Katy blames Dee for separating her from her child, and Máire for spreading false rumours. Katy unleashes her fury- but at who?

Niall suggests Bobbi Lee try and contact her son. But Bobbi Lee, believing she gave up all rights to her son the day of his adoption, refuses. Niall decides to investigate, with the little information he has. Will he succeed?

Tony tries to educate the public on how to stay safe. Those gathered do not take him seriously but Tony soon changes their mind. How will Tony do this?

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