This week on the cobbles, Eileen hears an intruder in her home, while Jed Blackmails Robert for money.

A thrilled Seb tells Eileen that Alina is coming to visit him. When Eileen asks if Alina is in the know about Jan, Moira and Liz realise that she is still missing him and bring her to the pub. Paul tells Eileen that trafficking gangs are dangerous and she should be careful.

Back at home, Eileen hears an intruder letting themselves in. Eileen is panic-stricken. She quickly picks up some tins of food and throws them at the person's head, but it turns out to be Jan.

Elsewhere, as Yasmeen and Alya head home, they see Geoff. Yasmeen asks how he is doing and explains to Alya that Geoff has been suffering from heart palpitations. Alya assures Geoff that he means an awful lot to Yasmeen and encourages him not togive up on her. Geoff is secretly delighted.

Meanwhile, Jed blackmails Robert, demanding a wad of cash. Robert knows he has no option but to give in and offers him part of the money, saying it is all he has. Jed gives him the ring back, but insists Robert has to get Tyler to agree to move to Ireland. 

Later in the week, Tyrone tells Evelyn that with Fiz scheduled to come home, he has booked a meeting with the Head of Bessie Street to plead Hope's case and hope she can find her a place. As Tyrone and Brian sit down with the Head, they're conversation is halted by the arrival of Evelyn who announces she's come to offer a shoulder to cry on.

Also, Jan reveals his intention to keep his head down in Birmingham until after the court case and encourages a confused Eileen to come with him.