On Neighbours this week, Paul is shocked as another ex-wife of his arrives in town.

Paul and Terese are just getting over the surprise arrival of his ex-wife Gail and moving on with their wedding plans, despite Gail's warning to Terese about marrying him, when another blast from the past comes knocking.

This time around, it's Lyn Scully, and while she says the reason for her return to Ramsay Street is to help out with Steph's spa business, it's not long before she's also issuing warnings to Terese about tying the knot with Paul.

When Paul tries to send Lyn home, she points out that he is the common denominator in his string of failed marriages, and that he should spare Terese the pain... But what will he do?

Elsewhere, after a heart-to-heart with Mark, Chloe realises things are moving too fast and getting too serious with her and Elly and that they're not on the same page when it comes to their relationship, so makes the decision that they should break up.

In stark contrast, love is blossoming for Bea and Finn, but their relationship is still being met with disapproval.

Also this week, Yashvi and Shane make amends, only for Ned to put his foot in it, and Sheila is nowhere to be found.