On Neighbours this week, Toadie finds out that Dee has feelings for him.

Dee is warned by Shane to put some distance between her and Toadie, with Shane worried that she is in love with him and that it's too soon after Sonya's death for him.

Taking Shane's advice, Dee decides to avoid Toadie altogether, but of course this doesn't go unnoticed and Toadie seeks her out to find out what's going on. When he confronts her, Dee admits that she's falling in love with him all over again, but how will Toadie react to such a bombshell?

Meanwhile, Dee is shocked to learn that Andrea has no interest in building a bond between them and is only bothered with speaking to her to use it to her advantage in terms of reducing her sentence.

Elsewhere, Bea and Finn's plans to keep their relationship a secret backfires massively when Ned gets wind of what's been going on.

Worried that Ned won't keep their secret, Bea and Finn have to decide whether or not they're better off just putting it out in the open themselves and dealing with the fallout together.

The discovery also causes drama for Ned and Yashvi when his pre-occupation with Ned and Bea's relationship putting a spanner in the works for their romantic getaway to Lassiters.

Also this week, Chloe is confused about her feelings towards Elly, and Sheila must decide what lengths she's willing to go to in a bid to protect Gary when she discovers a bloody crowbar behind the tram.