On EastEnders this week, Phil frustrates Ben by giving him a hard time over his recent antics.

Later, Phil tries a different  by trying to build bridges with his son. He rummages out an old boxing trophy to give to Ben, but although Ben appreciates the gift, things turn sour again when he interrupts a revealing meeting between Phil and Shirley.

Elsewhere, Stacey decides to have a romantic meal with Martin to fix there situation for giving him a difficult time recently. However, Stacey gets caught up dealing with Max's situation. When Max injures himself on a picture frame and Stacey tries to help, she's stunned by what she discovers.

Meanwhile, Ruby is shocked by Stacey's bizarre reaction to seeing her with Max. Max is forced to open up about his complicated history with Stacey, which leads to Ruby feeling uncomfortable and leaving.

Later in the week, Keegan announces that he's leaving school after being inspired by Gray. Mitch is fuming and argues with Gray, leading to a fight between the pair.

Also, Mel learns that Louise hasn't told Lisa about her pregnancy. She encourages Louise to break the news soon.