Jack's money woes are getting worse, so he asks Adam if he can exchange on the flat this week. While doing so, Jack spots a half-dressed Habiba in the background. Later, Jack's day grows even more concerning when his police friend Muski arrives, warning that his name has come up in an investigation – he's been caught out for attacking Fraser.

Elsewhere, Shirley warns Phil about Ben's behaviour after spotting him return home from an all-nighter. After insight from Lola and Keanu too, Phil makes a drastic decision. Shirley also spots a clue to the Slaters' money secret when she spots Jean with new clothes.

Meanwhile, Martin admits to Stacey that he's sorted things out with Kush and she should do the same with Kat. Stacey refuses, much to the concern of Martin and Jean.

Later in the week, Stuart goes to find Rainie after he receives a message from her, wanting his help. Rainie goes to desperate lengths to earn some money, but when things get out of hand, Stuart arrives to help out just in time.

Also, Caren flirts with Karen at The Prince Albert, while Bobby offers Kathy some advice about the bar.