This week on Neighbours, Toadie invites his first wife Dee to spend a couple of days with the family and she accepts. This spurs Dee to take a DNA test to find out the truth about her family, and Andrea does the same.

Is it possible Andrea and Dee are related?

Toadie and Dee take a trip down memory lane, but Yashvi implicates Toadie in a lie. The duo resolve to move past it and find a way to move on without lookalike con woman Andrea ruining their lives. 

Could there be a chance for the former couple to play happy families again?

New arrival Harlow is on the scene, and Roxy becomes jealous when Harlow ingratiates herself with Paul and Terese.

Paul Robinson is still struggling to deal with the situation that he has a long-lost granddaughter who is living under his roof.

Meanwhile, Bea finds an intruder in her home, and when Finn leaps to the rescue, the pair grow closer.