Kat convinces Kush to back down with his custody plans, but she messes up by accidentally letting slip to Stacey about his intentions.

Stacey rushes off to confront Kush, with Martin and Kat dragged into the argument too.

As tensions come to a head, Stacey turns against Kat and insists that she's not family anymore.

Kat has a cunning plan up her sleeve

Elsewhere, Billy is surprisingly accepting when Honey tells him that she's moving in with Adam tomorrow.

However, when Billy invites Honey over for dinner, he breaks the news that Adam is cheating on her. Honey accuses Billy of trying to ruin things for her, but will she get answers when she heads off to see Adam at their new flat?

Meanwhile, Iqra finally tells Mariam and Arshad about how she ran away. After some advice from Mariam, a thoughtful Iqra calls her father.

Later in the week, Tiffany follows Evie's instructions and gives Keegan drugs, but she gets caught out by Bernadette.

Also, Billy plans revenge against Adam after taking some inspiration from Alfie.