Michelle knowing there may be no end to Andy’s demands decides to get out of Ros na Rún. Jude, believing Briain is her deceased husband Máirtín, is fearful he will hurt her. Berni, seeing how agitated Jude is, thinks it best that Briain stay away for the night. 

Noreen is not happy that Cóilí Jackie is to be Bláithín’s godfather. She does her best to dissuade Cóilí Jackie from taking up such an important role in her granddaughter’s life. Máire is worried Rory is thinking of firing her from the chemist. She devises a plan to show him how good an employee she is but fails to impress him. 

Michelle is eager to get out of Ros na Rún but has to rethink her plans when Andy threatens to hurt Maeve. Katy is blissfully unaware that Dee is trying to sabotage her every move.

Believing she is making headway, Dee is incredulous when Noreen suggests that Katy be Bláithín’s godmother. Berni, busy with work, persuades a reluctant Briain to mind Jude for an hour.  She is later persuaded by the girls to stay for a drink. Berni, who is conscious of Briain minding Jude, agrees to have just the one. 

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