Ben causes trouble for Rainie by purposely sabotaging a sale at the car lot. He then offers Rainie his services to fix the broken vehicle. Rainie realises Ben deliberately damaged the car and confronts him, causing him to threaten her and storm off. Later, Ben arranges for the vehicles outside the car lot to be stolen.

Meanwhile, Rainie spots Stuart and Bex returning from an NA meeting together. Unaware of where they've been, she gets suspicious when she sees them hugging and secretly takes a photo as evidence.

Elsewhere, Mariam and Arshad return without warning, leaving Iqra and Habiba to wonder how they're going to explain their presence on the Square. Lola also poses a potential threat with her attempts to befriend Habiba.

Later in the week, Phil orders Keanu to do another driving job, but he's reluctant as he remembers what happened last time. Soon afterwards, Louise breaks the news to Keanu that she's pregnant, before rushing off.

Also,  Karen receives a worrying call from Dinah, while Kat suspects Kush has an ulterior motive when he invites her over to check that Mo hasn't forgotten anything.