This week on Fair City, Decco is relieved when Charlotte offers to mind Sam, though he doesn’t know Zak is helping her.

Decco is fuming when he finds them at Zak’s place. Charlotte tells Decco that Sash had the right idea running off to Spain.

Later, Decco tells Orla Charlotte’s theory on why she went to Spain, leaving Orla rattled.

Decco fumes when he finds Sam and Charlotte in Zak’s

Elsewhere, Paul causes Carol to question employing Darragh. 

Anto tells Sharon that with jobs at stake, the feud with Carol has done too far. Paul delights in winding Carol up even more about the Collinses.

Later at the Collinses, thinking no-one is home, Carol accidentally damages the stereo, leading to Darragh getting an electric shock.

Darragh gets an electric shock from the plug on the stereo

Sharon and Ray find Darragh at the house in distress. Carol is worried when Ray tells Anto about Darragh.

Carol wants to confess to the Collinses but Paul pleads with her not to. Sharon blames herself for Darragh’s accident.

However, when the Collinses learn the wiring was faulty, Sharon wonders how the plug could have come loose. Carol is flustered when she sees Darragh with his arm in a sling.

Anto and Darragh realize Carol lied to them about the plug

Darragh gets his job in the Station back, and Carol covers when she lets slip that she knows about the plug. Anto later wonders how Carol knew about the plug.

Carol is torn when Lee tells her Bela is paying the electrician’s bill but Paul is adamant they stay quiet.

It all comes crashing down for Carol later when Anto and Darragh realize she lied to them both about how she knew the plug was broken.