On Neighbours this week, evidence against Finn is destroyed in a fire.

While Susan continues to grow sympathetic towards Finn, Bea is remaining hard-faced. Susan gives her a letter Finn wrote while being held hostage to read, and although it does move her, she feels that they've all been through stuff, but it doesn't give anyone the license to become a monster.

Susan understands where she's coming from and Ned is relieved that she isn't being won over, so they are still joined in their excitement to see Finn get what's coming to him.

When a fire destroys evidence in the case against Finn, there's a fear that he will walk free, especially with Shaun pushing Finn to plead not guilty now that key evidence against him is gone.

With accusations flying that Finn is behind the fire, Imogen tells Finn that she will only represent him if he sticks to his guilty plea...

Elsewhere, Terese's ultimatum to Paul about moving in together but he isn't a fan of knowing that if he moves out of the penthouse then Amy will move in with Gary. Terese asks Chloe to keep an eye on Paul, not realising Chloe and Paul are involved in a new scheme together, so Chloe tells Paul.

Paul goes to Terese to lay down some ground rules and she admits to him that she was getting paranoid about what he was hiding from her.

Also this week, Elly's job interview doesn't go to plan, and Dipi tries to comfort her.