Police arrive at the club and tell Billy that they're looking for Mel. When Mel hears the worrying news, she rushes off to find Hunter and finds him with Louise.

Mel and Hunter are horrified when they hear on the radio that a body has been found in the woods. Once Louise has gone, Mel warns Hunter that they're in big trouble.

Elsewhere, Shirley can tell something isn't right with Jean and tries to cheer her up at the E20. Jean ends up snapping at Shirley and storming off, before breaking down outside the club.

Meanwhile, Dot is upset when Doctor Legg is adamant that he doesn't want to return home from hospital for his final weeks.

Finally, Max and Rainie have a romantic night interrupted when Jack wants them to babysit, while Mitch seeks some advice on Bailey from Keegan.

Later in the week, Tiffany continues to stress over the pressure of bringing in money for Evie's gang. Dennis also gets involved by giving Tiffany money that he got from Bailey.