Linda's loved ones urge her to visit Mick rather than believing Stuart's lies about him. Standing firm, she refuses to listen to anyone. Later, Tina angrily confronts Stuart when he turns up at the Queen Vic again. Continuing to behave strangely, Linda asks Stuart to stay, although Whitney isn't happy and defends Mick in front of the punters. Stuart plays games by telling Linda there's still hope for her and Mick, but will she agree?

Elsewhere, Martin is feeling guilty after talking to Ruby and begs Kush to make out that he was responsible for giving the photo to the police. Kush agrees, but the lie spirals out of control when Ruby announces that she's dropping the charges. Stacey confronts Kush for his supposed actions, forcing Martin to step in and accept the blame. Afterwards, Stacey forces Martin to tell Ruby the truth.

Meanwhile, Louise invites Keegan around for a heart-to-heart, wrongly believing that Sharon is out. Louise and Keegan open up about their feelings for each other and one thing leads to another, but trouble could be on the cards when Phil returns home.

Later in the week, Ruby reveals that she's remembered another detail from the night of her attack.

Also, Phil's return leads to panic at the Mitchell house, with Sharon, Keanu, Keegan and Louise all trying to cover their tracks.