On Neighbours this week, Izzy throws caution to the wind and does something drastic.

With Susan annoyed and shocked enough by Karl considering Izzy's proposal that he would help her to become pregnant, Karl tells Izzy this week that he can't help her as his marriage would not survive it.

Izzy isn't letting this one go though, and a passing remark from Holly gives her an idea, fuelled by an argument she has with Susan. With Izzy ignores Karl's wishes altogether, Holly finds out what she is up to later in the week, but will she tell Karl and Susan?

Meanwhile, despite Paul's warnings that Jayden can't be trusted, Amy offers him an apprenticeship.

Jayden isn't the only one landing an apprenticeship this week, with Ben's newfound bond with his uncle Kirky landing him one at the garage.

Later in the week, Shane challenges Sheila, but instantly regrets it and Gary has an idea of how he can turn a tough situation on it's head.