On Home and Away this week, Tori finds out about Robbo's dark past and he makes a shocking decision.

Kat risks putting herself in danger when she stops Ash from going to the police, and her refusal to trust Robbo pushes him over the edge.

When Tori gets drawn into things however, Ash sees no other option than to go to the cops. When Tori learns about Robbo's dark past, her fear for her safety grows, but he hopes that she'll see that he is a different person now than he was then.

After talking to Kat about everything, Robbo makes a shocking decision...

Elsewhere, Coco's protests enact a change of policy in the diner, and Raffy convinces Ryder to admit to her how he feels.

Meanwhile, Ziggy tells Ben and Maggie to stop interfering and Brody is left between a rock and a hard place of confusion when Felicity doubles the price of Salt. Justin causes a scene when he catches Willow flirting.