Kat's quest for the truth makes Robbo and Tori uneasy on Home and Away this week.

When Ash goes to Kat to show her what he has found out, he earns even more interest from Robbo who reckons he is onto him.

As Kat and Ash meet again, Robbo and Tori grow uneasy with her quest for the truth, leading Tori to confront Ash about his meetings with Kat.

With Ash refusing to confide in Tori about what is going on, can they get through this?

Elsewhere, Tori and Justin make a generous offer to loan Brody the money to buy back Salt.

When Coco's parents find out what she's been doing, she has a lot of explaining to do. Maggie grows worried that Coco's new environmental interests will get her into trouble.

Meanwhile, Ziggy gives Olivia an ultimatum when she learns about her infidelity, and Jennifer flirts with Mason.