How long can Fia’s indecisiveness continue? Can Máire’s motherly nature combined with Evan’s fury give Fia the push she needs to turn her life around? Will Fia be able to see the huge opportunities for herself that Máire and Evan see?

Berni’s mixed opinion on Briain is playing on her mind until she sees him with his friends. She takes a leap of faith and gives him a job at Cúl Chaint. Will Briain make it behind the counter with Berni or are there some surprises in store?

An unaware Mack is astonished to learn that Dee is furious with him and his so called ‘behaviour’. He is unable to wrap his head around the idea that Dee sees herself as second best in his eyes. Will Mack’s insensitivity make things worse, or will Dee be able to put this notion to bed?

Tadhg and Maggie’s romance is unquestionable but will emotions and fear get the better of their conscience? Or will they continue to hide their feelings for the sake of Tadhg’s family?

Has Fia spiralled completely out of control with her own self destruction button? Is she set on pushing those away that care the most? Will she have the strength to turn her life back on track?

It turns out in the second episode(Thursday) that Briain is a natural with the Cúl Chaint customers as jhe provides excellent service in the café. Berni is thrilled with his progress in such a short space of time. Will Berni’s enthusiasm get the better of her and is a promotion on the cards for Briain?