With Frances out of the picture for now, will Tadhg seize this opportunity or shockingly shy away from Maggie? An oblivious Frances leaves without delay unbeknownst to the real thoughts gathering in Tadhg and Maggie’s heads. Will Tadhg find out for himself if the grass truly is greener on the other side?

Evan approaches Fia with one thing in mind, to help her out of this dark place she is embedded in, after denying herself of all her dreams and her fresh start. Is it true that we push away the ones we love the most, or is this just the case for Fia?

Mícheál’s plan of action is getting definite direction and support, and he becomes the man of the hour when he gains the respect and approval of the younger crowd around Ros na Rún. But news certainly travels fast and Labhrás gets wind of this action plan. Will Labhrás’s interruption ruin Mícheál’s success story?

A bewildered Maggie faces up to her action to which significant consequences follow. She pleads to be heard and understood by Tadhg that she never set out to break up and destroy his family. Will Tadhg call Maggie’s bluff or will all their troubles be resolved?

A lost and torn Fia is willing to try anything and everything that will numb her current pain but is it the case that only unscrupulous decisions will give Fia the release she needs from all of her troubles? Could this emptiness within Fia potentially be filled by poor judgement and choices?