As Terese and Gary's wedding day arrives, the drama is high on Ramsay Street!

October 9 - 13

Waking up on her wedding day after having a romantic dream about Paul, Terese is unsurprisingly in a strange mood, which Paige picks up on straight away.

Thinking that Paul might sabotage Terese's big day, Paige pays him a visit but he assures her that he won't interfere as it's clear Terese is moving on. But the real reason for his indifference is revealed in the shape of a new fiancé.

Paul's kids don't take the news that their dad is going to marry someone young enough to be his daughter well, with Leo and Amy worried that she is just after his money.

Elsewhere, the wedding, and it's fall-out, cause Sonya and Toadie to reflect on their marriage, and Mark tells Paige that he made a mistake not marrying her.

Later in the week, Sam has an interview for the new school counsellor job, but Toadie interferes.

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