Brody is at the centre of the drama on Home and Away this week as secret romances go public, and families are almost torn apart.

October 9 - 13

With his doctors happy with how he's recovering, Mason is allowed to go home, but he refuses to be under the same roof as Brody. With Beth encouraging him to put the past behind them, Brody sits down with Mason to try to clear the air, but it's not long before it gets physical.

In a bid to put things in perspective, Justin brings the Morgan family to visit their parents' graves and begs Mason and Brody not to tear the family apart.

Ziggy is having panic attacks after her run-in with Zannis, and goes to Brody for comfort, with their romance soon to be out in the open as Justin finds them in a compromising position. Giving Brody some advice, Justin urges him to stop sneaking around with Ziggy and to go public.

Ash and Tori hide their feelings for each other, with Tori leaving Ash disappointed when she tells him she just wants to be friends.

Elsewhere, sparks fly between Robbo and Kat and Coco regains consciousness.

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