The troubles seem never-ending at this stage for David and Gráinne, but another issue arises when David’s guidance from Fr. Eamonn makes him realise that he must trust in Gráinne and that their love for one another will guide them through their dark times. With this in mind David strives to reveal all to Gráinne. Will there ever be the right time for David to tell Gráinne, or will this become another kept secret between the couple?

The local GAA are in dire need of a new leader, which Berni brings to the attention of a homesick Evan. Years have passed with thousands of miles between Tadhg and Maggie, yet they are as comfortable and loving towards each other as ever before. Tadhg is baffled with this and understands that sometimes you find something special worth holding onto. Will Tadhg pursue these feelings or will it all fall apart when Áine and Frances are brought into the equation?

For once, Tadhg is left lost for words and in shock when Máire announces an unexpected dinner guest. What seems like the worst possible encounter for Tadhg soon becomes a genuinely enjoyable occasion. Is he enjoying this moment too much for his own good and are suspicions being raised?

After a slip up on David’s part, Gráinne is left totally distraught and again questioning their relationship. David does his level best to try and make things up to her. Will David’s good intentions be thrown back in his face or will Gráinne allow herself to forgive David once and for all?

The bigger picture for the future generation of Ros na Rún seems dull and gloomy in Mícheál’s eyes. This is all about to change and Mícheál is adamant about the radical adjustments.