It seems as though Gráinne and David’s bad luck has come to an end just as she was giving up hope. An awoken David is nothing but delighted and full of excitement for his future as a father. Gráinne quickly realises that she is forced to face reality and that she does not have the heart to break the terrible news to David, and lands herself in hot water intentionally concealing this tragedy. 

Mo’s ability to forgive those in the wrong is being tested daily by her trauma and intense questioning by the locals. She tries everything within her willpower to forgive a pleading Colm, but it has all become an explosive mess when she has a spine-chilling run in with Anto. 

Bobbi-Lee, Caitríona and John Joe try to play Kit at his own game. While Kit is faced with an irresistible offer he also is faced with the prospect of his worst nightmare, facing Berni. 

David receives crushing news that Gráinne has experienced a miscarriage with his miracle child, shortly after interpreting heart breaking, horrifying news which will have devastating results on his future. David’s heart has shattered into a million pieces and he experiences a world wind of emotions, leaving him unsure of the stability of their relationship. Will their love for one another carry them through these difficulties or is this the end for them?

O’Shea cracks under Eric’s pressure and reveals the truth of her past and living with a heroin addict and the full extent of the damage is caused. Niamh and Eric both sympathise with O’Shea offering sincere apologies for assuming the worst of her. O’Shea confesses her undying love to Eric and Niamh. A saddened Máire begins to understand the importance of family and friends, while she mourns the loss of Peadar, the love of her life.