Who survives the shootout is the question on the lips of all Ros na Rún fans? The remains of the bloodbath will be revealed in a compelling opening episode.

The carnage remains but how will the rural village rebuild it’s future following the shocking scenes of last season when such a crime left the quaint coastal village defeated and in disarray. The fate of the much loved David and Gráinne is revealed. Will david survive or will the bad news travel in threes? Gráinne is faced with another devastating blow, leaving her vulnerable and questioning the meaning of life.

Mo realises that her traumatic encounter with Anto is all down to Colm. Nothing about this story is what it seems and Mo begins to turn her back on Colm. How long can O'Shea hide the truth about what really happened at the house the night Eric fell down the stairs? When Niamh starts asking questions, O'Shea has no choice but to lie.