Fia is distraught after finding out that Adam has been lying about his sexuality all along. Her pain quickly turns to rage, however, and she seeks the ultimate revenge on Adam by calling on the person he fears the most. How will Adam react?

Mo hosts a little soirée to get rid of the last of her poitín stash, which she must hide from her new beau Garda Tony. Colm is delighted to swing an invite to the bash, but is far from impressed when Tony arrives. The tension between these love rivals is palpable. Where do Mo's true feelings lie?

Laoise and Micheál are forced to decide whether it’s time to come clean to Eric's ex-wife O'Shea and his daughter Niamh. How will everyone react to this surprising romance?

Tadhg is in for a shock when he learns that Maggie, his first love, has arrived back to Ros na Rún. How will he feel about this blast from the past?

Fia's revenge plan is in motion and Adam is none the wiser when she asks him to meet up. He has no idea who she's invited to hear his big news, which ends up hurting Adam more than ever. Will Fia regret getting her own back on Adam?

Gráinne tries her best to sabotage Tony's relationship with Mo in a bid to get her to notice Colm, and O'Shea is convinced that Micheál and Laoise are secretly dating. Will it all end in disaster?