This week on Hollyoaks, Joel returns and tells Warren and Sienna that he has been at a church retreat, but he's hiding something.

Cleo is concerned when Joel freaks out when he thinks he has seen Bart. She tracks him down at the church, and Joel leans in to kiss her.

Elsewhere, Grace tells Goldie to plant fake notes in The Loft. Sienna doesn't see Goldie slipping the dodgy cash in the till. When Sienna gushes about finally having a secure family to bring up her babies Goldie feels increasingly guilty.

Zack urges Leela to make up her mind about whether she wants to be with him. Simone tells Louis that she wishes Zack could be with a nice girl like Cleo.

Lisa agrees to help her mum play Cupid for Zack and Cleo. When a jealous Leela sees them together, she drags Zack into the toilets at The Bean, during the press launch for the local councillor elections.

Zack and Leela are caught out this week on Hollyoaks

When her speech goes wrong, Cindy runs to the toilets embarrassed and hears Zack and Leela getting amorous in one of the cubicles.

Cindy plants her microphone in Leela's coat pocket, so they are head by everyone at the venue.