Will Pádraig reveal Adam’s big secret? Can Laoise hide her feelings for Eric from O’Shea? Katy drops a bombshell on her parents.

Fia can’t understand why Adam is being so horrible to Pádraig. Pressure mounts as Adam’s lies unravel around him, and he explodes, venting his frustration in a senseless attack on Padraig. Will Adam’s secret be outed to Fia?

Máire and O'Shea try to push an oblivious Laoise and Mícheál together. Little do they know however that Laoise’s got her eye on Eric. How will O’Shea feel if she finds out that Laoise is interested in her ex-husband?  Following their flirtation at the wedding, John Joe realises that he’s really enjoying having Noreen around. They’re in for a shock however when Katy drops a huge bombshell on them. Will they be able talk her out of this drastic decision?

Baby Jay’s life is in serious danger. Will O’Shea find out about Laoise’s rendezvous with Eric? Colm is distracted when his friend is in trouble.

Áine is left alone with baby Jay and accidentally puts his life in serious danger, which leads to huge tension between Katy and Frances. Will the paramedics be able to save baby Jay?

Laoise is caught in quite the dilemma, as O’Shea has no idea what’s going on between her and Eric. Worse still, she’s adamant to set Laoise up with Micheál.Laoise lies to get out of plans with O’Shea, having secretly agreed to a date with Eric. Will O’Shea find out about Laoise and Eric’s rendezvous?

The sight of Mo and Tony getting on so well makes Colm very jealous. He is hung up on Mo, so much so that his mind is elsewhere when Seán calls for help. Will Colm realise that Seán is in deep trouble before it’s too late?