Réailtín convinces Micheál that she’s sick to let her stay home from school. Little does he know that she’s planning to meet up with an online stranger behind his back! Who is this older man that Réailtín wants to meet?

Caitríona is struggling with the worry of Janice’s new pharmacy business taking over her turf, and as a result badly handles her gripe with one of her customers Annette Things are set to get a lot worse however, when Annette falls outside Caitríona’s premises.

Gráinne tries to hide from David that she’s been paying some of his bills! Money struggles are burdening the couple, but when David makes a purchase beyond his budget Gráinne is forced to come clean. Will David’s pride be wounded?

Utterly shocked that Réailtín’s managed to track down Mikey, Micheál is faced with a very difficult decision. Should he tell Réaltín the truth about her mother’s death? Can he work up the courage to break this news to her before she finds out for herself?

It’s John Joe’s birthday today, but he finds himself torn between his feuding daughters. Sick and tired of being in the middle of their dispute, he is forced to tell a few white lies and attend two separate birthday soirées to keep them both happy. Can John Joe find a way to convince Dee and Katy form a truce?

Caitríona is walking on eggshells following Annette’s fall outside her beauty salon as she fears that Annette could sue her. Will Annette take legal action against Caitríona?