Dee is far from impressed when Mack comes clean about Janice, and tells her that she flirted with him on her hen night. Mack assures Dee that she has nothing to worry about now that Janice is married. However, he is startled to learn that Janice may have twisted the truth a little.

Good news for David as he’s offered a job as a waiter in Gaudi’s. Pádraig is over the moon as they’re seriously short-staffed. However, David’s first day is nothing short of a disaster as he messes up one too many orders. Can he convince Pádraig that he’s right for the job?

Adam is faced with the challenge of getting Fia and his mother back on his good side. However, this is challenge is miniscule in comparison to the secret his mother reveals that she’s paid off to save Adam’s reputation.

Mo is surprised to feel a pang of jealousy when Colm invites Janice out for a drink to celebrate her pharmacy opening. Could Mo have feelings for Colm? Réaltín is in big trouble when her birthday plans are busted by Micheál. As punishment, her refuses to buy her the mobile phone she’s been hoping for. Réaltín is furious, which soon turns to delight when an offer from Laoise allows her to go behind her father’s back…