Adam's anxiety makes Fia insecure about their relationship. A crisis meeting with his mother leaves Adam even more vulnerable. Can he reassure a worried Fia that his feelings for her are real? Colm helps Mo get rid of a guy who is pestering her, strengthening their bond as friends even more. Others begin to wonder if there could be a growing spark between the two.

Gráinne and David can’t bear to reveal to their friends that they are both unemployed for fear of being judged. Will their friends be supportive when the truth comes out?

Berni is furious when she discovers about the stunt Sorcha has pulled for the mentoring launch. Has Sorcha’s foolish plan destroyed Berni’s trust and their working relationship?

Mo is surprisingly unsettled when she sees Colm take an interest in the gorgeous Janice. Colm can’t hide his delight when he hears that she’s single, but Mo does her best to warn him off. Is Mo jealous of Colm’s interest in Janice?

Caitríona pulls out all the stops in an effort to boost business at Loinnir. She’s in for a real surprise however when she finds out about the new business that Janice is opening next door. Will this new opening place Caitríona’s beauty business under pressure?