Feeling dejected about getting the sack, David begins to worry that he is unemployable. Worse still, he can't bring himself to come clean and tell Gráinne the truth.

Vince's recording of Tadhg confessing to Andy's murder is the perfect leverage over Tadhg. An alarmed Tadhg is forced to take matters into his own hands and keep Vince quiet when Caitríona comes snooping. Can Tadhg convince Vince to hand over the recording and throw Caitríona off their scent? Máire fears that Micheál has decided to tell Réaltín the whole truth about Pauline’s euthanasia. Can she convince Micheál that it’s too soon to burden Réaltín with the truth before it's too late?

On Thursday night's episode, Gráinne discovers that David has been sacked from the Teaghlach. Will Bobbi Lee’s plan to get Mo and Tony together succeed? Has Gráinne ruined her chances with her mentor Caitríona?  Gráinne is furious. She can't understand how he could hide this huge secret from her. How will David explain this to Gráinne?

Mo has her eye on Tony, but thinks he is not interested. An over-eager and ambitious Gráinne clashes with her mentor Caitríona. The pair are struggling to see eye to eye, but Gráinne ’s attitude turns their relationship well and truly sour.