In Carrigstown this week Yvonne awaits a decision from the DPP, Paul isn't happy that Jane plans to come for Christmas and Charlie and Esther get some surprise Christmas guests of their own.

Yvonne is uncomfortable around Dan and does her best to act like everything is ok but he is convinced there is more to the story and when he notices that Carol isn't arguing with Yvonne as usual, he goes to Carol to see if she can give him some information. She tells him that things got messy with a guy she was seeing but doesn't go into detail with Dan.

A vulnerable Yvonne calls Carol for help and explains to her that she didn't want to accept what had happened to her and when she learns that the DPP have decided to prosecute Martin, she feels vindicated and realises that it wasn't her fault at all... but Martin doesn't take the news well and threatens to drag her reputation through the mud.

In the Brennan household Paul is struggling with his jealousy over Jane and Tommy's relationship, especially when they are all loved-up having spent the weekend together. Paul fishes for more information from Callum but he doesn't give much away. When Callum and Jane talk about their Christmas plans, he says that he wants her to spend it with him. Niamh puts on a brave face when she hears the news but Paul can't hide his frustration as well.

A flakey Jane is torn between what to do on Christmas as she is tempted to spend it with Tommy instead of her son. Jane arriving in on top of Tommy's Christmas plans is bound to go down badly with the Dillon's as well so we'll just have to wait and see where she goes for dinner.

Elsewhere Wayne is determined to make amends with Dolores despite Orla's warnings although she is relieved that he isn't mad at her for trying to sort things out with Dolores behind his back. When Wayne overhears Dolores making snide remarks about Orla however he can't help but confront his mother.

Meanwhile, Zoe and Ben are excited about Santa's imminent arrival leaving Dermot struggling to temper their expectations, TJ arrives on Charlie and Esther's doorway with a big surprise and Leo grows sick of Mondo and Kerri-Ann's Christmas cheer.