This week in the Dales Declan fumes to realise Robbie was the one who let it slip to Katie about her name being on the Home Farm deeds. All are shocked by Declan’s wild state and Megan suffers when his fury turns physical.

With the truth out, Rachel worries for her family; will Jai evict Ali and Ruby? Meanwhile, Rishi attempts to comfort a distressed Jai who fears his marriage is over. Rishi is full of regret and blames himself but Jai faces up to the fact it was his own actions that got him in this state. In the Woolpack, Charity lashes out verbally at her family, feeling the idiot for not having seen the signs earlier. She thinks everyone is gossiping about her.

Elsewhere Sandy probes a squirming Ashley about his supposed crush on Harriet. But it looks like the situation could become more uncomfortable for Ashley as Harriet sets to move in with them.

And David is delighted when Priya tells him he is keeping their baby, but is Priya clinging on to the idea of a romantic reconciliation? And how will Alicia take the news?