This week in the bay things are tense between Maddy and Alf after he put his foot down about her relationship with Josh. Roo admonishes him, asking him not to push too hard with Maddy. Meanwhile Brax brings home Josh, much to everyone’s surprise but he's evasive about his reasons for bringing him back. Josh is equally confused about Brax’s charity.

When Casey arrives home in good spirits, Tamara by his side, things are a bit awkward between him and Kyle. Kyle still loves Tamara, but it’s clear Tamara wants to be with Casey. Casey is hurt to find Josh in the house especially as he also left him for dead when Andy rammed him off the road.

Brax tries to reach out to Josh, who’s resistant. He’s suspicious of Brax’s interest and if Brax is just after information on his brother, Andy. With no other options, Josh takes up Brax’s offer for him to stay.

Elsewhere Marilyn and John are preparing for their maiden voyage of the bus tour, however Marilyn is still quite nervous about her skills as a tour guide. She has a last minute freak out and wants to pull out of being in the bus tour. John manages to talk her around but she struggles to battle through her nerves. Eventually Marilyn relaxes when John says he is impressed with her research – but her calmness is shattered when Roo books a seat on the tour for a journalist who will review the bus tour!