This week in Carraigstown, Yvonne and Carol take an interest in getting to know Dan better, while Carol uses Dan’s attention to wind up Yvonne.

Paul and Niamh discover Callum has been hiding Jane in their old house. Paul and Niamh are left feeling torn and Paul tries to reassure himself once Jane is gone Callum and the rest of the family can get back to normal. Jane manipulates Callum’s emotions when she admits to feeling jealous as things have worked out well for him leaving him feeling guilty about his good fortune and his mother’s misfortune.

Elsewhere, Yvonne and Carol take an interest in getting to know Dan better. He is convinced he knows Yvonne from somewhere but he can’t put his finger on it. Dan tires to push the traders meeting onto Caoimhe and asks her to go in his place. Carol arrives in all guns blazing and meets Dan for the first time. He is clearly impressed with her. She negotiates a deal with him to retain her account with the bar and once she has left, Dan asks Caoimhe will she be at the meeting later?

Meanwhile, Jane is furious when Callum tries to lay down ground rules, and reveals some past truths she’ll live to regret. Jane looks through a savings account bank statement of Paul’s. She eyes the balance of €74,000.  She is interrupted by the arrival of Callum, hiding the bank statement she doesn’t notice Callum’s serious mood. Jane’s incensed and she accuses Callum of being ashamed of her when he tells her he doesn’t want her in his life and tells her to leave Carrigstown.

Later in the week, Carol uses Dan to get a dig in at Yvonne when she reserves a table for a meal with Dan. Later Kerri-Ann is all ears for any snippet of gossip about Carol and her new man. She offers to do Carol’s hair and makeup and she agrees. Caoimhe feels smothered by Judith as she puts her off organising a night out together. Judith is left feeling deflated when Caoimhe brushes her off after she suggests they go out later that evening.,