This week in Summer Bay, Casey makes good progress during his physio, while Winston receives good news.

At physio, with Tamara and Dex's encouragement, Casey takes a step. After some advice from Bianca, Tamara decides to hold off telling Casey about her feelings for him until she figures out exactly what she wants. Later, euphoric after a good day, Tamara gets swept up in the moment and kisses Casey.

Elsewhere, after Evelyn runs away, Oscar returns to the room to find Zac still out cold. He thinks about calling emergency services, but can't without the police finding them so calls Hannah instead. When Hannah returns, Zac wakes up and they try to decide what to do next.

Meanwhile, as Spencer and Sasha try to study, Sasha is distracted by his un-focused behaviour and leaves. Spencer tries to follow her, but is distracted when he sees Josh with Maddy and immediately lunges at him. After the fight, Sasha heads home to find Indi and Chris together on the couch.

Later in the week, Winston receives news that one of his companies has secured a new patent, putting its shares through the roof and he's now richer than he's ever been. Winston decides to go on the world trip after all, and he wants to take Harvey with him.