As the Carrigstown community struggle to cope with the devastating events, suspicion falls on Leo. Paul is irked as he thinks Leo burned down the factory knowing there was no insurance on the building.

Paul is undecided about mentioning Leo’s threat to burn the place down to Detective Colton.

Leo is worried but remains stubborn and pleads his innocence. When Leo realises he is chief suspect for the fire he realises he should’ve told the detective about the animosity between him and Paul.

Leo then starts accusing Zumo of starting the fire and believes he had motive but Decco jumps to his defence and warns Leo off. When it is revealed the fire started accidentally everyone is relieved, especially Leo. He has a tough time dealing with things this week and Carol becomes worried about him.

Paddy comforts Vivenne who is trying to get to grips with the fickle nature of life. He discourages her from visiting Judith. When Niamh invites Vivienne to visit Judith with her however, they all rally around.

Charlie is livid when the community centre is vandalised again and Paddy takes the graffiti personally and vies to catch the people responsible. When Charlotte tells him it’s a boy in her class she arranges for Paddy to rough him up a bit.