Tommy's grip on Judith is slipping as she is so upset by the whole ordeal and when Luke calls around to talk to her and Tommy sends him packing, Judith is upset and angry and tells Tommy he can't control who she speaks to.

When Yvonne tells Luke the only way he can stay out of prison is to make sure the case doesn't go to court, Luke threatens to fight dirty, but will he just be playing into Tommy's hands?

Vivienne remains oblivious to Paddy's irritation with the boys as they plan to move out. He wants the family to remain living together. Paddy is determined to drive a rift between Zumo and Decco but when they reconcile he realises his efforts were in vain. Paddy doesn't give up however and gets Charlotte to help him sabotage their relationship.

Dermot is insisting they find the stray dog's owner much to Ben's disappointment. Ben and Zoe conspire to keep the dog and they rip down all of Dermot's posters.

Damien struggles with Ama's celibacy and when Caoimhe takes an interest after hearing the couple row, things get messy for Damien.

Leo resorts to desperate measures when he hears Shannon isn't coming home.