Paul gives Doug an ultimatum, to make up his mind by that day if he is going to accept Paul’s offer of €10,000, to take the blame for Callum and admit that it was him that was driving the car. Doug asks Decco and Zumo about prison life, they pull his leg painting a blissful picture of jail, saying that he’d be well able for it. Callum is relieved when Paul receives a call to say the driver is out of the Coma. Callum thanks Paul for his help in getting him off the charge.

Elsewhere, Leo and Shannon return from holidays to find their house has been burgled. The place is ransacked; however Leo is relieved as they didn’t get Lana’s jewellery that he had stashed in the freezer. Leo tries to reassure Shannon who is desperately upset about the robbery, to no avail. Johnny arrives to move in to the house only to see that they have been robbed and the house trashed.

Meanwhile, Caoimhe is concerned when Tommy says he has been finding it hard to sleep because of the nightmares again. When Caoimhe tells Judith about her worries about her dad she says that she’ll drop in on him. Judith plays nurse to Tommy and Luke is suspicious about Tommy’s nightmares. Luke says to Tommy that he thinks it’s a pathetic attempt to get Judith’s attention.

Later in the week, Leo’s money worries continue as he waits for the insurance money to come through on the house and is short money for groceries in the shop. Val calls over to Leo with a casserole and he gets annoyed saying that he doesn’t want to accept charity. Val mentions that Shannon can stay with her for a couple of days while he gets the house sorted much to Leo’s annoyance.

Callum, worried about Charlotte’s brothers and her dad, tries to shrug her off in the pub, when Paddy arrives Charlotte scarpers leaving him to deal with her father. Paddy threatens him to stay away from her but when Callum tries to explain that it’s her doing all the running he rubs him up the wrong way, making the situation even worse.