This week in Chester, Alex prepares to kill Patrick and Sienna, while Sinead meets Frank at a hotel.

Patrick is trapped, not wanting to move an inch for fear of Anna torching the flat. Anna is about to flick the lighter on, until Sienna appears from the bedroom.

Elsewhere, Will is panicking after telling his mum the truth yesterday, but is it too late? At the same time, Maxine overhears Sienna and Patrick discussing the lie they told yesterday. Can Patrick stop Maxine from going to the police?

Meanwhile, Sinead wants to bag a footballer at a VIP night at The Loft, hoping that she can be free of money worries for good. She convinces Ruby to go with her, but their night doesn't go to plan when Jim throws them out of the club. However, as the footballers get a car back to the hotel, their sleazy manager Frank invites Sinead and Ruby to go with them and Sinead jumps at the chance.

Later in the week, Phoebe calls Trevor as she wants to secure a fake passport for Vincent. Trevor's face lights up when he finds out that she's a McQueen.