This week on The Square, Ian invites Peter back to Walford, while Dexter has an outburst at The Arches.

Ian still has lots to do before the restaurant launch, so Denise offers to help with the invitations. However, Denise gets frustrated and storms off when Ian insists he is only inviting business professionals.

Elsewhere, Dot thinks that Bobby's pet was a dead mouse she found inside the box, so is horrified when the youngster arrives and reveals that his pet is actually a snake. Dot refuses to stay in the house when she realises that the snake has escaped. Poppy gets Jay and Dexter to find the missing reptile, while Fatboy arranges for Dot to meet the vicar over at the B&B.

Meanwhile, when Ava sees Jay handing paperwork to Sam, she realises who bought the car. Ava confronts Sam and he explains that he just wanted to do the right thing. This leaves Ava in a predicament. In a rage, Dexter storms off to The Arches and smashes up the car.

Later in the week, Lucy discovers that her father has been forging cheques from her account. Lucy immediately confronts him – however during the heated conversation Ian gets another surprise!

Also, Michael is confused by Janine's decision to let him see Scarlett. However, Janine has a nasty surprise in store for Michael when she tells him that they are leaving and may never come back