Nobody said that being a surrogate was going to be easy, but Tina heavily fought in the face of all pessimists on the Street in her bid to help Izzy and Gary become parents. While most predicted the problem to be Tina’s attachment to her unborn child, this week we see trouble on the horizon as Gary’s feelings for Tina strengthen and Izzy’s insecurity grows.

Although Izzy’s still upset about the money Gary spent on Tina behind her back, the couple put it to bed as Gary heads out to an army reunion. While his first port of call for comfort should be his girlfriend, Gary heads round to Tina and in an emotional state, makes a pass at her.

With Gary declaring that his feelings for Tina have become confused, Tina vows that Izzy must never find out if the baby is still to go to a stable home. But is she putting their secret at risk when she confides in Tommy? And will Gary be able to hide his guilt as Izzy showers him with affection?

Gary’s not the only one with a guilty conscience as Kylie’s infidelity and Nick’s brotherly betrayal return to haunt them when David gets the idea of having their unborn baby genetically tested. With his recent epileptic fit weighing on his mind, he’s terrified that his child will suffer the same and is intent on getting Kylie and the baby checked out. But what will this mean for Nick and Kylie and will their secret be blown?

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Tim continues to cause Anna concern over Faye while Owen has worries of his own with Katy. Also discover this week how Roy’s decision to hunt down his father leaves him more bereft than he was before.