On this week’s Home and Away, Maddy gives Spencer the cold shoulder, still hurt over his decision not to sleep together, and takes out her frustration on Roo. Alf intervenes and has a stern chat with Maddy, telling her she has to abide by his rules while living under his roof.

Richard comes to discuss Jett’s adoption, and, putting Jett’s interests first, eventually agrees to sign the papers.

Elsewhere, Sasha finally convinces Rosie that Mullens is bad news. However, things backfire when Rosie kisses Spencer, leaving Maddy furious.

Later, Maddy apologies to Roo for her behaviour and Roo agrees she won’t treat her like a child if she shows them respect and abides by the house rules.

Romeo is feeling better now he’s off the chemotherapy, and Indi is glad to see him acting brighter. Sid tells Romeo that he can’t keep hiding his cancer from Indi, and if Romeo doesn’t tell her he will. Romeo sweeps Indi away for a romantic weekend, leaving Heath to mind the gym.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Heath plan a last minute engagement party, much to Bianca’s concern. Zac tells Natalie she should go to Bianca’s engagement – despite the Braxton awkwardness. And Spencer’s brother Chris arrives in the Bay.

The engagement party is a bust when Casey punches Kyle after learning of his feelings for Tamara. Bianca is annoyed when Cheryl embraces Tamara as part of the family. Liam shows up to say goodbye, he is leaving the Bay to connect with his son.

Still on their romantic getaway, Indi tells Romeo she wants to start a family. Romeo is cut to the core – the full impact of what he’s about to lose is hitting him hard. While Indi rests, Romeo leaves her a letter saying goodbye, and holding back his emotion, leaves the tent. She later learns that he has cancer and has left her, and overwhelmed, she collapses.