Anna hasn’t had an easy ride with little Faye, but ever since Faye’s real dad came onto the scene the parental balance has been up in the air. With many tricks up her sleeve, Faye isn’t prepared to give up all contact with Tim just yet, much to Anna’s disapproval. When Faye announces that she now wants to move in with her biological father, how will Anna react and will Tim be ready to face the responsibilities that come with parenting?

In a desperate bid to be heard, Faye fabricates a lie that is set to break Anna’s heart. When Brian hears the allegations that Anna has been hitting Faye, he takes matters into his own hands and calls social services; but will Faye be able to backtrack before it’s too late?

Meanwhile despite making his feelings clear towards Katy’s betrayal, Fiz is gutted to see Chesney suffering without her and vows to help Katy win him back. Will quitting her job with Ryan be the first step towards making amends? When Fiz sets up a dinner for the two of them at the cafe, Chesney is furious for her meddling, however he agrees to sit down with her and hear what she has to say.

But when they both realise he’ll never be able to forget what she’s done, a destroyed Chesney prepares to move on with his life, starting with Beth’s niece, Sinead. Will he be able to resist Katy’s further advances, or will he vow to keep away from her completely?

Elsewhere on the street, Dev realises that without a mother in their lives, he will be needing to get a nanny to help him out with the children. And is it the end of the road for Eileen and Paul, or can they come to an agreement over his life-threatening profession?