The week kicks off with Lexi’s hearing and Lola is extremely nervous. At the court, Phil is clearly plotting something with his solicitor. Lola arrives and makes it clear she wants to speak in court, even though her brief thinks it’s a bad idea. The social worker, Trish, explains to the Judge that Lola is making great progress and would like to increase her contact sessions with Lexi. The Judge is about to rule when Lola interrupts. Lola speaks passionately as she tells the Judge she wants to be Lexi’s mum and will do whatever it takes. Just when things look like they are going Lola’s way, Phil’s brief interrupts and under Phil’s instructions he scuppers any plans the court may have had to increase Lola’s time with her daughter. Losing her temper, Lola retaliates as Sharon and Billy sit disgusted at Phil’s actions. Has Lola lost any rights she had to see Lexi?

Meanwhile Tanya sees a disheveled looking Jack staring at Phil as he kisses Sharon on the cheek as they make their way to court. As Phil walks away he signals to Jack that he has won. Later at home, Tanya tells Jack his relationship is worth fighting for, and he leaves determined to sort things out with Sharon.

Denise reveals her cut face to Patrick for the first time and Patrick is mortified. Kim tries to cheer Patrick up but the life has gone out of him and he has resigned himself to being cared for by Magda. Later at the Minute Mart, Max sees Denise’s cheek but she makes an excuse that she did it stacking. Max then tells her it would do his head in being left with a carer making her feel even worse about Patrick. Back at the B&B, Patrick loses his temper with Magda but Max arrives in the nick of time and tells Magda that he is there to spend some time with Patrick. Patrick soon opens up to Max about what happened to Denise. Max advises him to apologise but Patrick doesn’t think an apology will change anything.

Across the square, Kat asks Alice for the money she owes her and Alice says she will ask Michael for her wages but when she does, Michael admits he doesn’t have the money. Instead he tells her to sell Janine’s clothes but he also suggests she takes one for herself as she has Scarlett’s breakfast all over her. When Kat sees Michael in the market she asks him if he has paid Alice but he lies, claiming Alice didn’t mention it. Back at the house Michael walks in on Alice dressed in Janine’s clothes and to Alice’s delight Michael tells her she looks great. Kat soon arrives to chase Michael for the money and she questions if Michael is even paying Alice. Before Michael can reply Alice covers for him, telling Kat the reason she is skint is because she has overspent. Is Alice developing feelings for Michael?