This week on Ramsay Street, Rhys makes a sacrifice for Vanessa, while Tash tries too hard to make a good impression.

Rhys struggles to give Vanessa space in the wake of their break-up. He wants to support her and when he sees Lucas considering selling the garage to support Vanessa through Patrick’s illness, he sees an opportunity to help. Rhys sets up a charity foundation to raise the money, selling his car to start the fundraising.

However Kate warns Rhys there’s every chance Vanessa will only see his gesture as an attempt to win her back. Not wanting that, Rhys keeps his involvement anonymous but how long can he hide this secret from Vanessa?

Elsewhere, Tash is excited when Andrew invites her to Paul’s family birthday dinner. However her nerves are piqued when Sheila gets in her ear and suggests if she’s serious about Andrew she needs to make a good impression now she’s his girlfriend. Determined to do just that, Tash puts on her best behaviour – but loses what everyone liked about her in the first place. It’s only when a momentary slip up reveals the real Tash that she sees she doesn’t have to be anything but herself.

Later in the week, desperate Lucas stresses about how to find the money for Patrick’s surgery. Needing quick cash, he considers gambling. However he manages to stay strong and instead seeks the help of his friend and sponsor, Sonya.