This week on The Square Lauren and Joey face terrible danger, while Alfie leaves for Germany.

Lauren is unconscious following the car crash, while Joey manages to pull himself free but is alarmed to spot flames appearing from under the bonnet. Derek rushes to the scene in the nick of time and manages to get both Joey and a now-conscious Lauren to safety. Moments later the car explodes and throws them all to the floor.

Elsewhere, Bianca, Carol and the kids make their permanent return to the Square. Carol gets her old job back in the café, while Bianca secures a trial at the salon as she got a hairdressing qualification in prison. Bianca is happy with her progress, but when she's alone she breaks down in tears and is clearly overwhelmed by everything.

Meanwhile, Alfie is preparing to leave for his trip to Germany, Kat remains concerned as her mystery man continues his desperate attempts to impress her. Fearful of being harassed by the guy in question while Alfie is away, Kat announces that she wants to go on the trip to Germany too. However, Alfie is unable to get any cover for The Vic and explains that he'll have to take Fatboy with him instead.

Later in the week, Tanya tells Sharon that she has a cancer scan next week. Wanting to cheer up her friend, Sharon takes Tanya out for a drink at The Vic. As the pair chat further, Tanya agrees when Sharon asks her to give Lola a trial at the salon. Shortly afterwards, Tanya asks Sharon to be maid of honour at the wedding.