In Carrigstown this week Ingrid reminds Louie that it’s their fifteenth wedding anniversary despite the fact they are actually divorced. Seeing it as the perfect opportunity to continue their affair, Ingrid invites Louie to a rendezvous at her apartment. During their afternoon of passion, Ingrid gives Louie an ultimatum: to choose her or Carol, once and for all. However, Louie makes it perfectly clear that his priority is keeping custody of Jack. Louie challenges Ingrid to find a way he can break up with Carol and keep Jack. The ever scheming Ingrid tells Louie he’s going to have to "play dirty", if that’s his goal.

Laura meets with Emily, hoping they can get their relationship back on track. Emily reports that her supervisors plan to reinstate her now that Lucy has been discredited as a fantasist but also informs Laura that she has met someone else. Laura is bitter but she urges Pete not to let Lucy be the destroyer of his relationship as well. Meanwhile Pete tells Wayne to come over to Dolores’ house where Lucy left him a message. When Wayne sees the sick shrine Lucy created, he is devastated anew. Dolores holds Wayne as Pete dismantles the shrine.

Also this week, Niamh travels to Cork to surprise Paul but is shocked when she arrives in the B&B and Paul has not checked in. She calls Paul, who is unaware she is in Cork and he lies pretending he is in the B&B and will be having a quiet night. Niamh hangs up not telling him that she knows the truth. In another part of town Paul is actually in a bar meeting a lady.