Former enfant terrible of Irish rock Marc Carroll says he doesn't hang out with other musicians and said his long-spanning career has never paid the rent.

The 43-year-old musician, who has released 7 albums and 22 singles to date,  admitted he had doubts about releasing his current solo LP, Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All due to the "lack of circulation" of his previous record.

"I suppose that was just a moment of self pity and I'm not that type of person really. It's what I do it's not a hobby. It's been a part of my life for thirty years. It has never paid the rent but I somehow manage to get by," he told TEN.

Carroll, who has lived in LA for almost a decade, says the City of Angels hasn't changed him,  "I was travelling across America in 2004/2005 and I ended up in California and it's where I've been ever since. I came across some musicians who knew what I did and had some of my earlier music - that was nice because I hadn't experienced that before.

"I don't really hang out with musicians. I just keep myself to myself. I write, I read, I walk and I drink wine," he said.

Carroll has teamed up with members of US rock band BIg Star, Elvis Costello's band The Attractions, and legendary punk collective Crass on his new solo album, and collaborated with Crass member Penny Rimbaud on the album's title track.

Love Is All or Love Is Not At All was produced by Carroll and Graham Sutton, who has previously worked with Bark Psychosis and These New Puritans, in LA.

Drummer Jody Stephens of US band Big Star drums on the album track Lost and Lonely, while Pete Thomas of The Attractions drums on Ball and Chain and Catalina In The Distance. My Morning Jacket’s Bo Koster also makes a reappearance adding keyboards to several of the new songs.