Beyonce has said that while she works hard for everything she has earned, nothing compares to hearing her child call her 'Mommy' or looking into her husband's eyes.

The singer explained how her goals in life have changed in a new video. "I have a lot of awards and I have a lot of these things that are amazing and I worked my ass off.

"I worked harder than probably anyone I know to get those things. But nothing feels like my child saying, 'Mommy!' Nothing feels like when I look my husband in the eyes.

"Nothing feels like I'm respected, when I get on stage and see I'm changing people's lives. Those are the things that matter, and at this point in my life, that's what I'm striving for."

She added, "Growth, love, happiness, fun. Enjoy your life, it's short. That's the message."

Beyonce recently surprised fans by releasing an unannounced album exclusively to iTunes on December 13. The record will go on sale in shops tomorrow, December 20.